What we do


With attention to detail, our teams of professionally qualified person provide a unique high quality interior designing and decorating service for both business premises and residences. We design, choose or create objects of style and beauty which are both timeless and contemporary. The collections we compile for you consists of furniture, lighting and accessories for the interior, the emphasis being on the use of very high quality materials and flawless craftsmanship from a range of International manufacturers and renowned international names. The simplicity and honesty of form and proportion, together with the luxurious materials chosen to complement the design result in an understated elegance, which has become the ethics of Bella Casa International.

Vaastu Interior

Designing the interior is not like the homogeneous mass of that of any sweet but it differs from inch to inch so it’s very important to plan it accordingly. Sometimes a person living in Vaastu based house can face problems if the interiors are not done in proper manner and many a times the problems can be rectified by changing the interiors of the house/office. The aim of Vaastu is to make us live in harmony with nature taking advantage of the magnetic fields, gravitational effects etc. of the earth, the rainfall, the galaxy and the whole of the nature and the universe and duly invoking the blessing of the Gods of the directions. So every direction signifies a particular room and if in any house the Vaastu principles are not followed, that result in misfortunes and problems. We will suggest you the design of the interiors according to vaastu as much as possible.
In the commercial places also, each portion of land is for specific purpose and violation of these rules result into problems in business, unsuccessful projects and less money.
  • Placement of the rooms of the director
  • Placement of the room of the staff according to the work done like accounts, finance, designing, cash and what so ever.
  • Placement of the safe/vault.
  • Placement of the raw materials, finished products.
  • Placement of machinery.
  • Placement of furniture in all the rooms
  • Placement of the accessories in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Suggesting the color schemes for paints for different rooms.
  • Suggesting the colors of the drapery and choice of materials for different rooms.
  • Suggesting the color for the exteriors.
  • Placement of invertors, washing machine, electrical items.
  • Choice and placement of plants to be put in an area and plants to be avoided in the building.

Our Services


The services of our re-design is for those who are wanting a fresh new look for their living spaces - either upon moving into a new home (where you may require help with decorating from scratch), or within your current home, where you may wish to update the decor by re-arranging existing furnishings and accessories. Either way, we can assist in creating beautiful livings spaces for you and your family, taking into account your lifestyle needs and budget constraints. The emphasis is on editing what you currently have in the home and ensuring that accessories are placed correctly, with the possible addition of new pieces that will bring your home up-to- date with ease.


Bella Casa International offers installation services with installers for any of our products. These are all trained professionals with years of experience. All work is, of course, guaranteed.

Doors & Window Treatments

Bella Casa International has a large selection and services of both hard and soft doors & window (DW) treatments. We have a skilled fabricator that can help make the process of dressing your doors/windows more attractive.


Floors are the second largest surface to cover in any room, and Bella Casa has a lot of product resource to fill that need. Carpeting the floor is always a great way to bring color, warmth and texture to a room, and we have many styles from which to choose. We deal with all the major carpet mills and some of the most interesting smaller mills and track all the latest decorating trends.

Hard surface flooring has become hugely popular with today’s homeowners and Bella Casa has many product sources that can fill the bill. For ageless charm and durability, it’s hard to beat a hardwood floor. We have a beautiful new line has the very trendy wide-plank look combined with the equally fashionable hand-scraped texture. Or, we have the more refined hardwood line with an exclusive end- locking system. Of course, the ultimate hard surface flooring is stone, and we have it- lots of it. Actually, our stone and tile department is the most complete in Kathmandu.

Wall Treatment

A wall only makes sense if it is subjected to a special treatment. Nowadays the interior field is nowhere left behind, offering fantastic wall treatment ideas and techniques that add a new beauty to your empty, simple and boring interior walls. Here Bella Casa will assist you the well- known and some unknown wall treatments ideas that will surprise you. Please refer our product ranges too.


Our experienced and dedicated workforce empowers us to design a wide range of false ceiling. We do craft and manufacture a wide range of good-looking false ceiling that adds a lot to beauty of homes, offices, showrooms and corporate offices. In addition to this, our range of false ceiling includes some more ornaments like Gypsum board false ceilings, Grid false ceiling, and Wooden false ceiling fusion with WPC/MS Steel/Corian CnC Jali.


Whether you’re building a new home/building or renovating an old home/building, recessed lighting can be a key element in both the function and style of the space. The major lighting design includes; Recessed Lighting, Track Lighting Basics, Easy Lighting Projects, Architectural Lighting, Contemporary Lighting, Vintage Lighting.


All gardens are a work in progress, constantly evolving and, hopefully, growing. As gardeners, we're very influenced by gardening trends, whether we mean to be or not. Gardening trends affect the plants the nurseries sell and products we're permitted to use on them. A free garden design for a perennial cutting garden and complete with specified plants and alternatives. Many perennials will repeat flower if kept dead headed, which is exactly what a cutting garden is for. And since not all perennial flowers bloom at the same time, your bouquets and arrangements will take on a seasonal flair and provide you with ever changing variety. We offer an expert garden design for your pleasure and comfort.

Painting Services (Interior & Exterior)

Bella Casa International is leading supplier and service provider of expert painters, of a diversified range of home and commercial Painting Services. The service includes POP, wall putty, wall & ceiling treatments as well as waterproofing works too. Use of creative designs and finest quality of material are the salient features of our services, which enable us to succeed in this highly competitive market scenario. These interior texture painting services and exterior texture painting services can be availed as per clients'' choices and demands.